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We are your # 1 source for commercial only CCTV Installation and Security Camera Maintenance services in the Toronto Area. Deal directly with Security camera installers and not with brokers. Get your business fully covered and secured with our vast range of High definition security cameras. We service all types of commercial buildings including retail stores, hospitals, warehouse, medical centers, schools, colleges and offices. We’re committed to helping businesses across the city safeguard their assets, premises, and people. With our superior security solutions and unparalleled customer service, you can trust us to deliver the peace of mind you deserve.

Security cameras provide a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Deterring crime: The presence of security cameras can deter potential criminals from committing theft or vandalism on your property.

  • Monitoring activity: With security cameras, you can keep an eye on your property at all times, even when you’re not there. You can monitor activity in real-time or review footage later to identify any suspicious behavior.

  • Improving employee productivity: Security cameras can help improve employee productivity by discouraging employees from wasting time or engaging in other non-work-related activities.

  • Facilitating investigations: If a crime does occur on your property, security camera footage can be used to identify suspects and aid in investigations.

At velocity Cabling, we offer a wide range of security camera options to meet the specific needs of your business. Our options include:

  • IP cameras: These cameras connect to your network, allowing you to access footage remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Wireless cameras: These cameras do not require a physical connection to your network, making them easy to install and move as needed.

  • Analog cameras: These traditional cameras provide a cost-effective solution for businesses on a budget.

  • PTZ cameras: These cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom, providing a wider field of view and allowing for greater flexibility in monitoring your property.

At Velocity Cabling, we strive to deliver the best by offering professional grade security camera products and services that are both reliable and affordable. When it comes to cost, we offer guaranteed lowest prices on home CCTV security systems and business CCTV systems. Our remote CCTV surveillance system gives you the ability to monitor the activities around your property from anywhere in the world. Get a free instant quote online.

We install and service all types of professional CCTV systems and security camera systems ranging from complex multi-camera systems for commercial establishments to 4 Cameras for residential locations. All these cameras are fully compatible with mobile devices for remote viewing anywhere. Our experience with leading-edge technology enables us to provide you with guidance and support for security cameras during all parts of the implementation process. We specialize in the Design and Installation all-digital network CCTV systems. We offer fair prices to our customers without any hidden costs.

Our CCTV Services

Consultation & System Design: We take a tailored approach to CCTV system design. Our team will visit your premises, understand your specific security needs, and propose a system that provides optimal coverage and functionality.

Installation: Our technicians are skilled in installing all types of CCTV cameras, ensuring seamless setup and minimal disruption to your operations. We adhere to the highest standards of workmanship, ensuring your system is set up for maximum performance.

Maintenance & Support: To ensure your CCTV system remains in top condition, we offer maintenance services and round-the-clock support. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a significant upgrade, we’re always ready to assist you.

Secure Your Business with Velocity Cabling

In a world where business security is more important than ever, Velocity Cabling provides a trusted and reliable solution. Serving Toronto’s businesses for years, we are confident in our ability to provide a CCTV service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Choose Velocity Cabling for all your business CCTV needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the peace of mind that comes with superior surveillance solutions.