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Structured cabling services?

We follow standardized processes when offering the structured cabling services. These services are optimized to provide an outstanding experience to you at the end of the day, along with a quality service.

Here’s a quick overview of how we work. When you go through these steps, you can get a better understanding about our adherence to quality and process standards when offering services.

We do the site audit

Once you come up with the initial requirement, we will do a site audit. One of our experienced cabling professionals will come to your place, analyze the site and gather your specific requirements. We will also assess the existing cabling infrastructure and provide you with appropriate recommendations on how to improve reliability, speed and accessibility.

Before we start working on the service, we will provide you with a quotation. This is a detailed quotation and you will be able to see a breakdown of all services that we offer. Therefore, you can refer to it and see how we are in a position to help you with your needs. It will also convince you how transparent our services are.

Removal of old data cables

If you have any existing data cables installed at your property, we will take appropriate measures to remove them. We follow appropriate safety guidelines at the time of removal. In addition to that, we will get the job done while creating minimum disruption on the day to day business operations. Hence, you can continue with your work, while we offer the service.

Installation of new data cables and configuring them

After the removal of old data cables, we do installation of new data cables. We will also take appropriate measures to configure them according to your specific requirements. The installation services will be done on-time, while adhering to the budget. In fact, we stick to the initial quote that we provide and you will not end up with any surprises.

Even after getting the job done, we will leave your office neat and tidy. Therefore, you can start working with the newly installed network cabling system immediately. We ensure 100% client satisfaction at the end of the day.

Ongoing support

After network cabling installation, we will provide ongoing support and maintenance services to you. We can sign up for a maintenance agreement. Then we will follow the agreement and you don’t need to worry about the network cabling system. You just need to use it and we will take care of maintenance. Therefore, you will be able to receive the best possible performance to your network at the end of the day, without having to worry about anything.

Contact us now

Our company is equipped with certified and trusted network cabling installation experts. They are in a position to provide a fascinating service to you at the end of the day. Therefore, you will never regret about the service that we offer.

All the services that we provide to you come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, you will be able to keep your network up and running at all times, without having to worry over anything. Customer testimonials we have achieved in the past verify the quality of services that we offer.

We ensure that your network cable installation and maintenance work is done in a timely manner, while adhering to your budget. Therefore, you can contact us without keeping a doubt or second thought in mind.

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