Warehousing Cabling

A full range of modern warehousing Cabling

Distribution Centers and Warehouse Cabling

Logistics is a vital part of any business and efficient Internet connectivity is a must for any business looking to well manage their warehouse and logistics business. We provide full  Data and fiber Cabling services for warehouse and distribution centers all across Canada. Our Expert Engineers can install the Data Cabinets or Data Racks, as well as all relocating the Network Cabling, Fibre Optic Cabling in your warehouse in no time.
Warehouse Data Cabling

We have an expert Cabling Technicians who specializes in Warehouse Cabling and Distribution Centres. Schedule Your Appointment Today for a free site survey!

Security Camera Installation

Let our Install The Best Security Cameras for your warehouse. We will ensure all your bases are covered for a peace of mind operations.

Wifi Site Surveys

All type of Wifi Surveys for Warehouse Access Point Installation. We can fix your existing Wifi issues and perform specialized Wifi Surveys to provide full coverage across every cover of your warehouse.

Door Access Control

Professional Dorr Access Control services for big warehouses and productions lines. We provide a range of secure and reliable Door access control solutions for various types of doors in the warehouse.

Fiber Installation

We have over 15 years’ experience of installing, terminating and commissioning fibre optic cabling for warehouses.

Our Services

Professional Low Voltage Cabling!

Velocity Cable is top rated Low Volatage cabling company in Toronto providing design and installation of data cabling infrastructure for stable connectivity, performance, and security in a variety of environments.