Cat6 Cabling

We offer a wide variety of services including CAT6, CAT6A for all commercial sectors

Cat6 Cabling 24 AWG

Cat6 Cabling is the most popular Cabling used by commercial customers across Canada. Ca6 Cable utilizes a 23-Gauge conductor and offers maximum data transmission up to 250MHz. Cat6 cables support data transmission rates to 10 Gbps up to a length of 121 to 180 feet considering best case scenarios while can transmit 1 Gbps up to 90 meters or roughly 300 feet.

Cabling conforms to Standards

Our Cabling comforms to leading industry standards. Our techs are experienced and Certified and provide you trustworthy and reliable cabling services.

Experienced Team

We have completed over commercial 1000 jobs in and around the Greater Toronto area using Cat6 Cable.

Fast Turnaround

We are happy to provide a quote for your requirements and carry out a site survey. We offer fast turnaround times and install a high quality, resilient and future-proof network.


Reliable Structured Cabling Services in Toronto

We have been providing companies with efficient network cabling for over 15 years. For Velocity Cabling, no business or wiring project is too large or too small. For any office premise cabling needs in Toronto, Missisauga, GTA, we are happy to provide you with our unparalleled expertise and state-of-the-art customer service.