Looking to get Cat6 or Cat6a cabling for your office or warehouse? Velocity Cabling supplies and install all types of branded high-quality Cat6 and Cat6a cable that comes with uptp 20 years of installation warranty!

Professional Cat6 Data Cabling installers

We are a leading Cat 6 or Category 6 Data cabling installation company having over 10 years of experience in Commercial only Network Cabling services across the Greater Toronto Area. From small jobs with upto 5 users to big jobs with upto 1000 connections, we have wealth of experience and knowledge in installing Cat6 and Cat6a cables in all types of environments including offices, warehouses, retail locations, schools, colleges, Banks, Retail stores and more. We supply and install all major brands of Cat 6 Cabling including Panduit, GenSpeed, Commscope, Hubbell, Belden and more.

Why Cat 6 Cabling?

A Category 6 cable (Cat 6 cable) is a type of twisted pair cable standard used specifically in gigabit (Gb) Ethernet-based computer networks. Cat 6 cable and connectors have become a basic requirement for new buildings in order to support Gigabit network applications and support bandwidths of up to 250MHz. Cat6 supports data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps at 250 MHz. Unlike, Cat5s, Category 6 cables have more stringent specifications for reduced crosstalk and system noise. Cat6 cables are little bit more expensive than their Cat5E counterparts, but considering the capabilities and future proofing factors, this investment is certainly a wise choice.

We are installers of all major Cat6 Plenum and Riser models of Data cables including GenSpeed, Panduit, Belden, Mohawk, Essex Superior, Commscope, Hubbell and more.


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