Fiber Cabling

Fiber Cabling, Termination and Splicing Services

Fiber Cabling Services

Velocity Cabling provides high bandwidth and mission-critical physical infrastructures services for Warehouses, Offices, data center, and campus networks with high quality fiber optic Cabling solutions that deliver high performance, reliability, and scalability. We offer carefully planned and professional Fiber optic cabling solution that facilitates the delivery of new services, lowers network maintenance costs, and increases productivity.
Multimode Fiber

Multimode fiber cable can be used for most general data and voice applications. Multimode cable has a large-diameter core and multiple pathways of light. It comes in two core sizes: 50-micron and 62.5-micron.

Single-mode Fiber

Most of the fiber cable used within a building is multimode. Single-mode cable, with its higher performance, is more commonly used in campus networks between buildings. Single-mode cable has a small 8–10-micron glass core and only one pathway of light.

Specialty fiber cable

Depending on your application, you may want to use a specialty fiber cable. To save money on innerducts and conduit, you can use a fiber cable with an aluminum interlocking armor covering an internal plenum jacket. It’s flexible but extraordinarily strong so you can run this cable anywhere in your building.

Fiber Termination and Splicing

We offer all types of fiber termination and splicing. Fusion splicing is a permanent connection of two or more optical fibers. The two fibers are welded together with an electronic arc. We offer the following methods of splicing fibers: Mechanical splicing Fusion splicing

Fiber Cabling for all environments

Our Fiber Cabling services cater to many verticals and environments including direct burial, harsh, industrial environments, buildings and outdoor environments for transitional aerial, duct applications, and entrance facilities.