Wifi Surveys

We plan your WiFi Survey and optimize your Wireless Network

Wifi Surveys

Velocity Cabling is a top rated Network Cabling company that specializes in Wifi Surveys to assess your network coverage and find solutions for possible issues. We do comprehensive Wireless Network Surveys or RF Surveys to help you accurately plan and design your Wireless Network. Our RF services include Visualize, manage, troubleshoot, audit, plan, and deploy your wireless networks. We find interference issues using  Active & passive surveys

Wifi Planning

Accurate Wifi Planning for a seamless wireless network. We have years of dedicated experience in installing WiFi solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes

Fix Poor Wireless Networks

We fix all types of Wifi Issues be it related to Environment or technical issues, we have an expert team and know how to manage and fix more complex Wifi Networks

Wireless Network Troubleshooting

We troubleshoot your wireless network, find network inferences and dead spots


Build a comprehensive heatmap of your WiFi network

Professional WiFi Services

Onsite planning and analysis

Our Wi-Fi expert consultants will visit your business and can perform a variety of Wifi RF tests to evaluate your current Wi-Fi signal strength, network performance or predictive wifi surveys for new sites.

Spectrum analysis

WIFI spectrum analysis is a great tool to identify interference and noise sources that negatively affect the performance of your Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Passive wireless site survey

We do predictive Wifi site surveys using specialized software. All we need is your floor plan and leave it to us.

WIFI Heatmapping

A WiFi heatmap is a map of wireless signal coverage and strength. We can help you plan, implement, secure, and control your company's wireless network from the start.

Factors which can affect your WIFI Performance

  • Signal strength
  • Physical Placement of AP’s
  • Number of AP’s
  • External factors such as Walls, Racks, Ceiling Height
  • Interference
  • AP’s model and range